Your Sustainable New Year’s Resolutions

To do something I’ve never done before. We’ve all got that mantra written on our bucket lists under the guise of different activities and it carries over every year into New Year’s resolutions. The upcoming year is a fresh start and full of potential. But sometimes we try to do too much too fast and we end up not attaining any of those resolutions we had because we don’t stick with it. Sound familiar? The trick is in doing something that is actually attainable for the new year and sustainable for the rest of your life.

Start with doing something you’ve always wanted to do but has scared you in the past. This can be anything from trying a new class, taking up a hobby, or even just signing up at the gym for the first time. Looking fear in the face and conquering should be at the top of any New year’s resolution list. Here are a few more sustainable ideas for the new year:

Work out more often

Whether you’re a beginner just getting started and to stepping into a gym for the first time, or a seasoned pro looking to advance your training to the next level, working out more consistently can help you attain those goals you desire for the new year. This can come in the form of added days to your training schedule, or making sure to set aside time for your fitness. It can also mean adding more weight, more reps, or more exercises.

Run a marathon

Running a marathon doesn’t take years to train for but its something physically demanding that can be quite rewarding when you check it off your resolution list. This is because the goal is lofty but attainable. How is this a sustainable goal? Because once you race your first marathon I guarantee you’ll be looking for your next. Book yourself out a few months in advance to tackle the next marathon coming through town and then stick to your training regime to check that resolution off your list. Whether you’re running for charity, want to beat your last time, or you just want to say you finished a race running a marathon is attainable and sustainable, beginning with little changes.

Lose weight

Losing weight should be sustainable. Yo-yo diets and fluctuating body weights are unhealthy. You should pick a goal weight, work hard to achieve it, and then continue to walk that healthy path for years to come. It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change. Protein from Lentein can help you to achieve the goal weight you’re after and keep it off with healthy recipes. Your health is the cornerstone to the rest of your life and those that feel a little excess weight can be pulled down mentally and emotionally from it. Therefore, choosing to cut down alcohol, eat healthier and use the gym to shed pounds is a spirited New Year’s resolution that gets people fired up for the new year and their new energetic selves.

Challenge yourself

Doing something you’ve never done before. We all have those written on our bucket lists and they are carried over into New Year’s resolutions because that next year is fresh and new and full of potential. Starting with doing something you’ve always wanted to do but has scared you. This can be anything from trying a kickboxing or boxing class, climbing a mountain, running a race, or even just signing up at the gym for the first time. Looking fear and the face and conquering it is at the forefront for New Year’s resolutions.

Build a positive mental attitude

Keeping a healthy mindset, no matter what New Year’s resolution you are trying to attain is important when meeting the challenge of it. At the beginning of the year when goals are fresh and new, energy is alive and the path is clear. As the year moves on and life gets in the way those New Year’s resolutions can fall to the wayside. It is important to stick with your plan to achieve that goal and cross it off your list so it doesn’t follow you into 2019. Get a friend, right it down, do something to keep you accountable and you will find that 2019 was your best year yet.

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