What’s Up With GMOs?

The debate about GMOs is alive and well in the USA and abroad. While the use and distribution of genetically engineered organisms remains controversial, defining what they are is not hard. GMOs are organisms that have been modified genetically for many reasons. Some GMOs were engineered to be resistant to pesticides and herbicides, some to increase yields, and others to increase nutritional value. Some countries have banned the commercial use of GM crops and others continue to distribute them believing that they’re safe for human and animal consumption.

Credible research is hard to find on GMOs. With so much controversy surrounding their safety for the environment and human health, it’s no wonder that many people are looking to just stay out of it and consume only non-GMO foods. But when it comes to plant proteins, finding non-GMO sources in the US can be difficult. In the US, nearly 80 percent of processed foods contain GMOs. Only a few states have mandated the labeling of foods that contain GMOs.

If you’re looking to keep GMOs out of your diet, the Non-GMO Project has created a list of verified products that comply to their standards. In the mean time, if you’re looking for a GMO-free protein source that’s good for you and the environment, add LENTEINTM. This water lentil grows abundantly without the need of genetic modification and is proving to be a wonder plant with the potential to feed the earth’s growing population without harming the environment.

*Disclaimer: LENTEINTM has assembled this information in good faith and tries to present everything as accurately and objectively as possible. If you find that you have a food allergy, consult a doctor.

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