What Makes a Food a Superfood?  

In your quest for nutritional health, you have likely come across the term “superfood.” This term sounds great, but what does it mean? In practical terms, a superfood is one that provides more nutrition and related benefits than the standard options. It should also have other healthful attributes, like extra antioxidants, fiber, phytochemicals, and similar factors.

Getting Superfoods Into Your Diet

There is plenty of advice out there that says to eat “whole foods,” but like much health advice, it does not take reality into account. In reality, you’re likely a busy person who doesn’t have the time to sit in the kitchen all day preparing blueberries and sweet potatoes. Not only do some superfoods take quite a while to cook, preparing them generates dirty dishes that eat up more time as you clean them. Only people who are really into the art of cooking think it’s fun to spend so much time on food preparation and related activities.

The Easiest and Fastest Way to Get Your Superfood Fix

Fortunately, there is one way to get a superfood into your diet without spending more than a couple of minutes on preparation: LENTEIN. This is a soy free protein powder that you can turn into an energy drink or add to other foods. There is no need to wash it, cook it, or do any other extensive preparation. All of the real work has been done by the manufacturer.

What is LENTEIN?

LENTEIN is made from water lentils. They grow on an aquafarm before being dried and ground into a green protein powder. Water lentils are a superfood that contains plenty of antioxidants, amino acids, and nutrients, as well as protein. To use the powder, just sprinkle a scoop’s worth onto salads or into smoothies to give them an extra nutrient kick, or mix it with water to make a nutritious drink. You’ll love the ease of use and great taste, and your body will love the extra nutrition. LENTEIN is very minimally processed, so you gain the benefits of a whole food without any of the hassles.

The environment also loves LENTEIN because of how it’s grown and produced. Water lentils are grown in an aquaponic environment, which not only eliminates soil tilling and fertilizer runoff but recycles the vast majority of the water used in the production process. More water is recovered when the water lentils are dried. No animals are used in production, and this eliminates the environmental problems associated with raising such creatures. The lack of animals also makes it so that LENTEIN is a vegan protein powder.

Adding Super Value to The World

LENTEIN’s benefits and production methods also make it a good solution for world food problems. Since it’s a powder, it can easily be shipped anywhere without fear of fast spoilage. It can then be used to augment food supplies in regions where good nutrition is scarce. This company looks forward to using its product and technology to relieve food stress all over the planet.

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