What is Crude Protein?

Protein is an obvious essential to overall health. Virtually every part of your body, from bones to muscle tissues, depend on protein to power chemical reactions and carry oxygen throughout the bloodstream. Over 10,000 types of proteins work together to keep you healthy and energized as they combat disease, protect tissues, and regulate your immune system. Crude protein uses chemical composition to estimate the level of protein in foods and is the measurement reflected on most nutrition labels.

There are two types of protein measurement: crude protein and true protein. Crude protein is measured by calculating the nitrogen levels in food. Since protein is made up of amino acids and amino acids contain nitrogen, the total nitrogen content in food allows us to estimate the total protein level. When looking at nutrition labels, the protein content is typically expressed using the crude protein measurements.

LENTEIN Plus POWDER contains 65 – 70% crude protein, which is extracted from water lentils – a plant in the Lemnoideae group. Not only does LENTEIN Plus POWDER contain a superior amino acid profile, it’s higher in essential amino acids than any other plant protein. The fine, free flowing powder can be baked into dry-mix goods or protein shakes, making it an easy and complete source of nutrients such as manganese, folic acid, and iron. Due to it’s high protein content and nutritional value, LENTEIN Plus POWDER boasts a competitive ingredient profile with nutritional applications to include increased bone density, lower blood pressure, healthier muscle tissues, and weight control.

The extraction of plant protein from aqua farmed water lentils is a breakthrough discovery with many health and environmental benefits. LENTEIN Plus POWDER’s crude protein content and nutritional values make it an obvious choice for health conscious industries and their consumers. To learn more about LENTEIN Plus POWDER, its hero status, and its implications for a more health and environmentally conscious world, contact us today!

*Disclaimer: LENTEIN has assembled this information in good faith and tries to present everything as accurately and objectively as possible.

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