Water Lentils vs. Plant Powder  

Many people are discovering great ways to add to their health and fitness regime, one of these ways is by using a product known as LENTEIN. Navigating the supplement market and trying to find the very best sustainable food available without wasting your money on less than perfect protein supplements can be tough.

LENTEIN is a powerful supplement derived from water lentils and made into one of the most highly nutritious and satisfying natural protein powders on the market. The conscious consumer who wants the best protein powder can rest assured knowing that LENTEIN is a natural, vegan protein supplement. This water lentil product is a soy-free protein powder that hails as one of the highest quality green protein powders found today.

LENTEIN grows in a highly green and clean Aquafarm in the State of Florida and derives from simple and highly nutritious water lentils. Our Aquafarm water lentils go through a simple and minimal processing method in the cleanest and greenest Aquafarm available. It’s also a powder form of our United States grown Aquarfarm water lentils.

Food Processing Is Not A Good Thing

Processing any product is known to take out almost all the nutritional value of the plant. This is why we found a simpler and more efficient way to process our water lentils. This is so that all the nutritional value of the plant is not lost in a harsh processing method. We did not come about this process easily. It took us many years to develop a processing method that did not eliminate all the nutritional value in the plant.

Through many years of research, we discovered that the water lentil, a single plant, contains more of every nutrient known to consumers today. The end-product of our amazing water lentils provides a balanced and healthy diet, free from GMOs or other pesticides.

Water Lentils vs Plant Powder

While water lentils contain immense nutritional properties, these nutrients are concentrated. Our Aquafarm water lentils are ground into a fine plant powder using one of the most refining processing methods. The nutrients in our water lentils do not diminish once compounded into a plant powder, instead, they are more concentrated and prove a nutritionally complete sustainable food source. Water lentils prove to be a superfood in a nutritional diet. Water lentils harbor a sweet mildly leafy odor, much to spinach. We grow our water lentils in water that is nutrient-rich. No soil used here.

LENTEIN contains well over 50 percent protein and is wonderful in smoothies. It can also be added to any nutritional meal, including homemade protein bars. Per 100 grams of LENTEIN, this superfood:

  • Contains all essential amino acids
  • Nearly ten grams of dietary fiber
  • Contains 100 percent iron
  • Over 20 percent of natural calcium
  • At least 20 percent magnesium and ten percent phosphorus.
  • Contains powerful probiotics
  • Promotes a healthy immune system
  • Supports your digestion
  • Is a natural energy enhancer
  • More Vitamin A for improved eye health.
  • Omega 3 important for brain and heart health
  • Contains lots of polyphenols, micronutrients contained in plants. Polyphenols contain loads of antioxidants and other benefits to your health. These micronutrients help digestion issues and aid in weight loss
  • Lots of chlorophyll that acts as a detoxification nutrient and antioxidant in your body

Try Water Lentils For Yourself

Get on the road to better health and fitness by supplying your body with a higher and cleaner form of complete, total nutrition. LENTEIN is a vegan protein, soy-free protein powder. It’s a sustainable food product that is good for you and for the environment. Get started on a proven road to better nutrition and try LENTEIN today!

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