Understanding Your Body’s Amino Acids  

Amino acids are components that are often referred to as “the building blocks of protein.” Each type of protein consists of specific kinds of amino acids, so it’s not enough to get plenty of just one type. Furthermore, your body can only produce some amino acids on its own. The rest must be obtained from your dietary intake.

As with other nutrients, amino acids are divided into essential and non-essential categories depending on whether or not your body can make them on its own. However, there is a third category for amino acids: conditionally essential. These are only needed by your body under unique conditions, such as stress or illness. They are especially required when the illness is severe, such as cancer.

What do Amino Acids Do?

There are 20 known amino acids, of which nine are classified as essential. Each one is known for helping with certain bodily functions and being needed for the production of crucial bodily components. These include neurotransmitters, connective tissues that rely on collagen and elastin, the production of more-complex amino acids, and more. Amino acids are also essential for muscle development and repair, which makes supplements a favorite of bodybuilders, fitness buffs, and those who simply want to maintain a healthy strength level.

Branched Chain Amino Acids

These amino acids fall into a special category thanks to their molecular structures. They are believed to be very important for athletic performance, muscle development, recovery, and reducing muscle soreness after exercise. Leucine earns a special mention due to its ability to help non-athletes gain strength. In one study, daily supplementation of 4g per day for 12 weeks improved strength performance even in untrained men.

Special Uses for Amino Acid Supplementation

Amino acid supplementation has been shown to help prevent muscle loss in sick or bedridden adults, especially for the elderly. This is a very important benefit since getting back to normal daily activities requires a certain amount of strength. The less muscle is lost to poor health, the faster activity can be resumed after the illness passes. While amino acids are critical in muscle preservation, they can also aid in weight loss. Certain studies have shown positive results for weight loss when copious amounts of amino acid supplements are used. These studies compared the results of taking amino acids vs. the use of sports drinks or whey supplements.

Getting the Amino Acids Your Body Needs

Essential amino acids come from food, but not all food has the complete range of the ones you need. Instead, even healthy foods like nuts tend to lack one or more of the spectrum. That said, complete foods do exist and they include meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and other dairy products.

For many people, animal-based sources of amino acids are unacceptable, whether due to dietary choices or allergies. Even so, it is still possible to get all the amino acids you need in just one food source – even if you are a strict vegan. LENTEIN, a protein supplement made from water lentils, is a vegan protein powder that not only has all of the essential amino acids but also provides plenty of protein, vitamins, and minerals in every serving. It is also soy-free and hypo-allergenic. This makes it a great dietary addition.

What Makes LENTEIN Better than Other Supplements?

There are many reasons you should choose LENTEIN as your amino acid source. First, it is made from sustainably-grown water lentils. They are produced in an aquafarm system that eliminates runoff and water waste. Then, they are minimally processed – basically just being dried and ground – before being packaged into containers for distribution. This allows for the most nutrients to be preserved by the time you pour a scoop in your shake or food source.

Another reason to choose LENTEIN is that there are no animals harmed in its production. Since it uses hydroponics, there isn’t any collateral damage like there would be with the use of standard farming practices and equipment. This production method also makes it sustainable food. Finally, LENTEIN isn’t just an amino acid supplement. It also contains plenty of other nutrients, like protein, vitamins, and minerals.

To see what LENTEIN can do for your health, give it a try today. We’re sure that you’ll find that it’s the best protein powder you’ve ever used!

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