Trends for 2020 – Clean Label Products

January always brings a wish to live a cleaner and healthier lifestyle for the year to come. All the trend reports talk about the growing category of Plant based foods, Veganuary is in full swing and Sustainability seems to be on everyone’s list of New Year’s resolutions.

No wonder people flock to LENTEIN® plant protein.


LENTEIN® Plant Protein – More than a Trend

LENTEIN® is a plant protein first and foremost with a similar amino acid profile and digestibility to animal proteins. Formulating with LENTEIN® adds macro nutrients such as Omega 3 and important micro nutrients including vitamins, minerals, pigments and antioxidants.

LENTEIN® is made from water lentils grown in an aquafarm where up to 98% of the water is recycled. The nutrients in the system are also recycled, meaning no contribution to the problems of fertilizer runoff associated with traditional agriculture.

LENTEIN® is Non-GMO ‘butterfly’ certified which takes into account the clean growing and processing system and is also a testament to the natural plant from where it originates – the water lentil. Did you know it takes only 20 minutes from ‘farm to table’ to produce LENTEIN® Complete?


New Product Development 2020

Parabel is launching more products during 2020 that will work with almost all applications – whether green or neutral colored – high protein density or whole food like LENTEIN® Complete. In the coming months we will be showcasing these innovative new products and the their exciting claims. Please reach out to for a sample.

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