The Necessity of Sustainable Food Sources

Sustainability has been huge over the last couple of decades, and for good reason. Without it, Earth will become depleted of the necessities of human and other life. Nowhere is this more apparent than in agriculture, where soil depletion causes the production of plants that lack the proper amounts of necessary nutrients. Artificial fertilizers can keep the plants growing, but this isn’t enough to make them healthy to eat. We are left with supermarket produce that tastes like cardboard and is about as nutritious.

Finding a Solution to the Environmental Impacts of Traditional Farming

Many attempts have been made to find a solution to soil depletion and other agricultural problems, but few have managed to do it on a scale that can meet the demands of the burgeoning human population. Old-fashioned organic farming, complete with fallow seasons for the fields, doesn’t produce enough food. Though effective organic fertilizers and pesticides do exist, these versions are so powerful that they rival their man-made counterparts in terms of toxicity and environmental impact. Others have tried ideas like growing algae in giant tubes, but people aren’t thrilled with the idea of eating it. For reasons like this, it has taken until now for a viable, sustainable, organic solution to arrive.

The Solution

Now, a true solution has been developed: LENTEIN. Instead of using the same overworked land, covering it with powerful quasi-chemicals, and irrigating it with millions of gallons of water, LENTEIN is grown in a clean aquacultural environment. Even better, 98 percent of the water used in its growth is recycled after each crop is harvested. This solves the problems that have, until now, beset sustainable agriculture.

Water Conservation

According to some estimates, there will no longer be enough fresh water to meet humanity’s demands as soon as 2030. One of the big reasons for this is that traditional agriculture wastes millions of gallons of water. LENTEIN, on the other hand, does not waste this precious fluid. Ninety-eight percent of the water used in its production is recycled for the next crop, and the other 2 percent is in the plants themselves.

A Nutrient-Rich Product

LENTEIN is made of the leaves of water lentil plants. These plants are grown in such a way that some are harvested every day. This allows the leaves to stay on the plants until they are properly mature and contain all of the nutrients they are supposed to.


One of the biggest problems with attempts to solve world hunger has always been logistics. It’s impossible to ship fresh fruit to remote regions of the world without massive spoilage. Meanwhile, easily-shipped products like rice lack the nutrients needed to prevent malnutrition over the long term.

LENTEIN solves this problem easily. It ships as a dry powder, which can be made into flavorful foods on site. This is a boon to modern consumers, who love its portability – but it is also a powerful step towards solving the shipping problem for hunger-control programs around the world. Now, people can have natural, highly-nutritious, and tasty food in locations where this was impossible not too long ago.

A Tasty Addition to the Diet

Many attempts at producing sustainable, natural foods have led to less-than-tasty results. This is not the case with LENTEIN. It comes as a nutrient-packed protein powder, so it can be used in a huge variety of ways. You can make protein shakes with it if you want, but its dry-powder format makes it easy to add it to breads, crackers, bars, soup, and many other foods as well. Its foaming properties make it easy to mix with things without having it sink to the bottom of a glass or bowl. It also has a great mouthfeel.

Hypoallergenic and Vegan

A good food solution isn’t just sustainable and tasty. It’s also hypoallergenic. LENTEIN contains no eggs, gluten, dairy, or soy. This ensures that the majority of people will be able to eat it without problems. It is vegan as well, which is good for the environment as well as for animals.


With all of these benefits, LENTEIN is sure to make a big impact on sustainability and food availability – but leave only the tiniest of environmental footprints in the process. Contact us today to learn more.