Staying Healthy During a Plant-Based Pregnancy  

Vegans often face challenges due to their dietary choices, but few or none match the importance of the one that is presented by pregnancy. The developing fetus is usually of most concern to expectant mothers, but the mother’s health is also critical. After all, the mother’s body has to be able to handle all of the demands of the new life that is arising.

Fortunately, it turns out that a vegan pregnancy is safe as long as the mother gets all of the necessary nutrients. An article on states that most vegans have plenty of folate and magnesium, which makes sense since these nutrients are found in many plants. Iron and vitamin B12, on the other hand, are often lacking. Since the studies that were examined only included women who were vegan by choice, it is unlikely that the quality or amount of food eaten was the issue.

What Makes Iron and B12 so Hard to Maintain?

The biggest problem with iron in terms of veganism is the form that is found in plants. Humans only easily absorb heme iron, which is the type found in meat. When it comes from plants, much of it passes through the system unused. This makes it so that if you only go by the amount listed on the labels of vegan foods, you aren’t really getting enough usable iron to satisfy your needs.

Vitamin B12 is similarly hard for the body to glean. Oral supplements often list the presence of several thousand percents of the official RDA. This “overage” is needed due to the inefficiency of the body’s attempts to extract it from oral sources.

How Can You Improve Your Diet to Help Combat These Issues?

One of the best ways to boost yourself up for a vegan pregnancy is to incorporate a product like LENTEIN in your diet. It is made from water lentils that are grown in an aquafarm environment. Using the aquafarm system allows the producers to create LENTEIN as a sustainable food. Its production uses up very little water. That which is not in the plants is recycled for the next crop. It also produces no environmental runoff thanks to the water-recycling system.

LENTEIN is a whole food source of vegan protein that also contains a wide array of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients. It comes as green protein powder, so you can use it as shakes or add it to other foods to pump up their nutritional value.

LENTEIN and Pregnancy

LENTEIN provides plenty of magnesium and B12 in every scoop, and even other nutrients that are vital for pregnancy. This superfood can be taken with other supplements to help boost your minerals and even your mood. B12 is essential in pregnancy as it helps prevent spina bifida and other spinal and central nervous system birth defects.

This powerful superfood is also free from lactose, gluten, dairy, egg, and soy. Not only will it aid in providing magnesium and B12, it also contains an ample amount of fiber in every scoop. Fiber intake is crucial for pregnant women because it helps to move things from the large intestine and even prevents typical pregnancy symptoms like constipation. Be sure to consult with your doctor before you change or supplement your current medications before taking LENTEIN as a source of B12, iron, and magnesium.

Does LENTEIN Give Everything You Need for Pregnancy?

Only your doctor knows for sure what you need for your pregnancy and what quantities are required. They will continue to test to make sure that no deficiencies exist or are developing. Therefore, it is important to obtain ongoing medical care and testing throughout your pregnancy and after the birth of the baby. Your doctor will let you know about any adjustments that need to be made, so be sure to ask if LENTEIN can replace additonal supplements.

With that being said, adding LENTEIN to your diet can make it easier to maintain healthy nutritional levels, and could reduce the amount of additional supplements you’ll need. This vegan plant protein aids in helping keep women healthy during this life-changing event.

Give LENTEIN a try today to improve your nutritional profile and bring in additional phytonutrients to boost your overall health!

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