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Connecting your formulation with our complete farm to table ingredient, LENTEIN® empowers you to deliver compelling consumer nutrition.

    Distinguish your product development offerings from the competition

    Are you looking to win new customers? Are you looking for innovative new offerings that taps into the current trends of plant based foods, 'free-from', non GMO and clean label?

    Offer new products that stand out!

    As a formulator working with new products that differentiate you from the crowd is always a challenge. Work with our team to see how LENTEIN® can help you realize critical successes in your product offering by taking advantage of the high nutritional content of water lentils to make your product stand out. LENTEIN® contains plant based vitamin B12 and have levels of protein, fiber, omega 3's, vitamins and minerals to make your label stand out.

    Our team can help you produce new products that delight your requirements and your buyers.

    Discover the perfect balance of plant-based and nutrition

    LENTEIN® water lentil plant-based solutions for functionality and wholesome nutrition.

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    your plant-based
    products with LENTEIN®