Say Cheese! The Truth Behind Dairy Intolerance!

Do you feel bloated every time you eat yogurt or slurp down a glass of milk? If so, you may be dairy intolerant – one of the more heartbreaking realities for ice cream and cheese lovers alike.

What is Dairy Intolerance?

Lactose is a sugar found in the milk of most animals (goat, cow, even humans!) The human body produces lactase, an enzyme that breaks down lactose. However, as we age, the less we produce. In fact, by the time you’ve reached your prime adulthood years, about 70% of you reading this will have stopped producing lactase altogether. That means there is nothing breaking down all that creamy, dairy goodness and it has no option but to pass it’s way through your stomach and intestines where it reaches your colon – now this is where the “magic” happens.

The colon is the last stop for the dairy before it’s final exit, and therefore the colon has to now work overtime to breakdown the dairy that your intestines and stomach couldn’t. Your colon does this by releasing extra acids and gases. All of this bubbling and churning in your colon, can cause one to feel bloated and the lower abdomen itself will probably distend or stick our and feel hard to the touch. Many with lactose intolerance usually experience diarrhea and odorous flatulence as the dairy makes it’s way out of the colon. Not a fun ride for you or your ice cream cone!

If Not Dairy, Than What?

Luckily, there are so many dairy-replacement products on the market today as a result of our increased awareness around dairy intolerance. While dairy was once glorified for it’s protein and Vitamin C qualities, it’s not so easy for everyone to consume. In fact, 65% of the human population is reported to have a lactose intolerance! That’s a lot of unnecessarily uncomfortable people!

Many products contain dairy and bringing your attention to how much you consume on a daily basis might shed some light on your abdominal discomfort if you suspect you are lactose intolerant. Dairy can even be secretly embedded in some of your favorite products. Anything from protein shakes (notorious to contain whey protein – a dairy byproduct) to salad dressing could be a culprit for your tummy aches!

Products like LENTEIN are a perfect replacement for anyone who favors high protein and an easy digestion. LENTEIN is a protein-packed product made from water lentils, processed minimally, and ground into a kelly green powder. It can be blended into almond milk for a healthy, lactose-free shake, blended into a sauce for an extra protein boost, or mixed into oatmeal! The options are plentiful and delicious!

The beautiful green color that is LENTEIN makes you feel good about consuming it. So much of what we consume today is bland, white, or stripped of it’s nutritional benefactors. One look at LENTEIN and you’ll know this is a color that could only occur in nature.

Dairy can be delicious and if you’ve got a whole lot of lactase in your system, much away on all the gouda your heart desires. But If you’re like the majority of the population and feel a bubbling in your stomach every time you get a little cheesy, think of the alternative options and how they can help you feel healthier and more comfortable.