Protein and Hormone Harmony

They affect how we lose weight; they affect how we gain weight and everything in between.  There is nothing more complicated and mysterious than our hormones. Our hormones make us who we are and who we don’t want to be. Hormones regulate our bodies; when they are not working as they should your health is not at its best.  Struggling with emotional rollercoaster feelings like sadness, anger and anxiety could be indicators that your hormones are out of whack.

Protein is needed to build new cells, help with organ function; build muscle, stronger bones and more.  This puts protein at the top of the ‘must have’ list. Another key function we get from protein it is used to make hormones, enzymes and other body chemicals.  It is a major building block. If you want to balance your hormones to be at your optimal best, then you need enough and the right type of protein in your daily diet.  The right protein compliments hormonal balance to help you achieve a more complete total health.

When choosing your protein source, it is challenging because all proteins are not the same.  Some are better than others so how do you choose which is right for you? Getting to your best health is important to you and protein plays a big part in achieving that hormonal balance.  Which protein to choose is often a challenging decision. Many popular proteins have side effect ingredients including gastric distress, bloating, gas, headaches, depression and more. This is especially true of animal proteins such as Whey.  LENTEIN plant protein is different. Among other qualities, LENTEIN is lactose, dairy and gluten-free. The omission of these ingredients equals better hormonal balance for your health. Go to for more information on this amazing product.

LENTEIN plant-protein is adaptogenic; hormonally speaking, this increases your body’s ability to fight off the effects from stress.  Adaptogenic works to restore normal physiological functioning. Animal proteins build inflammation and overstimulate our immune system.  Animal proteins often slow digestion increase bloating and elevate hormone levels of estrogen. This makes weight loss a greater struggle for females who may not be aware of how their protein selection works against their hormones.   

Your daily body functions are each affected by hormones that work as a harmonious team to regulate growth, sleep, reproduction and metabolism.  These are important functions so hormones may become under attack and fluctuate. Proper nutrition is so important to fuel your hormones to help them remain balanced and regulated for optimal health.  Without the right protein to keep things balanced cells could weaken leading to autoimmune health problems.

Protein is found everywhere in our bodies.  It has the name building block for good reason.  Protein repairs, rebuilds and maintains. Your hair, skin, blood, tissue; all need protein to balance and keep you at your best.  The better your protein choice, the quicker you achieve the balance you have been searching for on your weight loss or wellness journey.  Everything from your heart and lungs to your immune system will strengthen and run more efficiently.

If you are currently using an animal protein for your protein needs and experience problems in heartburn, cramping, diarrhea or more then you need to take a closer look at your protein choice.  When hormones are out of balance emotions are unstable and energy is low. You need a protein that will do the opposite and give you a boost of energy which will change your emotional imbalance.

The product LENTEIN is produced in an aqua farm with very little interference in processing.  Less handling, less ingredients produces a cleaner protein powder. It is rich in antioxidants and high in carotenoids.  LENTEIN is not just a protein; it is a food supply for our world. As consumers we can make health drinks, blend in baked goods, add to soups, breads and more.  Possibilities are endless. Learn more about this amazing superfood that will balance your hormones and save the plant’s food shortage. Go to to learn more.