LENTEIN® Isolate holds the most powerful level of Amino Acids of all plant protein with matching functionality.

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An amino acid profile equivalent to animal proteins

LENTEIN® Protein Isolate is an ingredient typically containing 85% crude protein, extracted from the non-GMO and allergen free plant - the Water Lentil.
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Essential Amino Acids

LENTEIN protein has higher levels of Essential Amino Acids than other plant proteins and has a similar AA profile to animal proteins


LENTEIN protein has high digestibility with a PDCAAS level of 0.98


LENTEIN isolate is highly functional. It is soluble, emulsifying and gelling.


LENTEIN Isolate has high levels of Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine

Demand for plant protein reaches unprecedented levels in the food industry, are your formulations energized with the best ingredients?

Discover the perfect balance of plant-based and nutrition

LENTEIN® water lentil plant-based solutions for functionality and wholesome nutrition.

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