Real Source


Real Source believes that a company's true spirit and success will be defined by the ingredients used. They further hold that taking responsibility for facilities and suppliers utilized across the supply chain is essential to success in today's market. With the drive to start an entirely new type of company, the task was set out from the begging. Create an offering and a brand that understands and addresses environmental accountability and nutritional responsibility that should be present for all new brands.

Incremental Change
  • Sustainable ingredient
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Vitamin B-12
  • Clean plant-protein
  • High fiber

``LENTEIN validates and supports our position as a brand that helps drive and build a better food system.``

LENTEIN has allowed us to develop innovative products that better helped us position ourselves as a brand that helps drive and build a better food system.
"Our customers love the unique story we have and the future-focused story about food safety for a growing world."

The best CPG brands are built with our sustainable plant-based novel ingredients

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