Lutein and Brain Health

The goal to eat a variety of foods is certainly to help our bodies gain essential nutrients. After all, a balanced diet is meant to provide our body all necessary vitamins, minerals, and vital nutrients so that it can stay healthy and strong. While most of us focus on the intake of common vitamins and minerals, we often ignore the intake of super nutrients such as lutein that can even boost brain health. Yes, the plant-based compound lutein has tremendous positive effects on both eye and brain health. And, the best part is this carotenoid-based pigment is abundantly found in fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens.

How Important is Lutein for Brain Health?

Human brain cells age as we age and begin to change. Over time, neural cells and the fatty cells in the brain shrink and begin to change. This is when the cognitive function declines and brain function begins to deteriorate. Brain cells don’t stop working, but they work slower than before resulting in many symptoms like forgetfulness, etc.. With lutein in a diet or through nutritional supplements, one can see a significant change in brain function, cognitive health, and memory.

  • Diets rich in the lutein compound have better oxidation resistance against the bad cholesterol. This prevents DNA damage to a greater extent too.
  • Studies on Lutein and zeaxanthin show that these compounds have a positive impact on lung function and better resistance to cognitive heart failure too.
  • With better plasma carotenoid, human bodies have better cancer resistance too.

Lutein in Foods

Lutein is abundantly found in green leafy vegetables such as kale, Swiss chard, spinach, collard greens and lettuce. Vegetables such as okra, peas, zucchini, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and melons are rich in lutein as well.

Those looking for a plant-based nutrient or nutritional supplement that can help in brain function should focus on including LENTEIN and more lutein-based food to improve their cognitive function, learning capacity and memory.

With the growing demand for plant-based protein and sustainable diet, sustainable foods are becoming more popular than ever. In order to create a sustainable source of plant-based protein rich in lutein, LENTEIN was derived from the nutrient-dense water lentil. This product is a nutritious, plant-based protein powder rich in lutein, other essential nutrients and most importantly a complete protein that most plant sources fail to provide.

After all, lutein is the main plant compound that plays an essential role in improving brain function and eye health. And the revolutionary LENTEIN is a plant-based, complete protein powder that is good for brain, eye, muscles, and for the entire body as a whole.

What is LENTEIN?

This non-GMO plant-based protein powder is derived from water lentils and is free from most common allergens, such as soy and whey. The product is manufactured in aqua farms and goes through minimal processing to keep the plant protein intact and nutritious. The product has 45 percent crude protein, essential minerals and plant based pigments. Apart from all essential and branch chain amino acids, LENTEIN is rich in anti-oxidants and super nutrients such as lutein. Even though most plant proteins are hard to digest, LENTEIN is easy on the digestive system because of its crude high-quality protein content.


Agriculture and farms use a majority of the fresh water in the world. Because agriculture and animal source fulfill a majority of the food needs, the total demand of fresh water usage utilized for these purposes will grow exceedingly in the near future. In order to introduce something sustainable yet nutritious, LENTEIN was invented.

Industrial agriculture and animal farms have a detrimental effect on the environment. Major environmental changes such as greenhouse emissions, deforestation and climate woes are a result of industrial agriculture, dairy and meat industries.

Even though LENTEIN is derived from water lentils grown in farms, the water used for this purpose is recycled. As a food source, LENTEIN is completely plant based, vegan, provides all essential ingredients and is a complete food source. Plus, it is carbon neutral and a protein rich plant product that is free from top allergens.

Considering the source of this protein powder and the method of its production, it is indeed one best source of sustainable complete food that can change the future


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