LENTEIN the New Superfood

As great as protein powders are at weight loss, body bulking and body sculpting we must remember all proteins are not created with the same ingredients.  That exact statement describes people as well. We each come from different cultures and backgrounds with genes that embrace some ingredients and find real health challenges trying to digest other ingredients.  The more you know about your body’s digestive system, the wiser choices you make in protein selections to reach your personal goals.

Based on your body’s tolerance to certain ingredients, your protein choice may not be right for you.  Sure, your trainer recommends it and your workout buddy looks amazing from using it, but that does not mean it is right for you.  Knowing the ingredients in your protein powder positions you to make wiser, healthier choices that deliver what you are looking for…results.

Get past the hype and flashy advertising.  People need to know what is in their protein powder.  Your health is worth the effort to find a protein that compliments your lifestyle habits without causing bloat, excessive gas, digestive challenges and more.

Remember, the cleaner protein powder you choose; the better for your body, health and environment overall.  Today’s plant-based proteins are great options. Plant proteins like LENTEIN deliver a host of nutritional qualities.  The fibers found in the water lentil leaf are grown in an aqua farm producing water lentils. The system used to grow the water lentils produces a product with minimal tampering of the lentil.  The product created is loaded with plant protein that can be used not just individually but on a global food supply scale. Learn more about this protein-packed product at LENTEIN.com.

Let’s face it, protein brings a lot to the table.  That said, here are some things you never want in your protein powder.


This is Whey protein.  It is high in lactose and a big challenge for many to digest without experiencing uncomfortable side effects.  Although a popular protein; whey’s side effects leads others to search for protein products that meet the need without the discomfort.  LENTEIN has animal protein characteristics but is totally plant-based. It is amino acid filled and antioxidant rich and ranks up there with animal proteins such as whey.  What LENTEIN does not have is high lactose levels that cause bloat, gastrointestinal distress and flatulence.

Artificial sweeteners

Many must come to terms with artificial sweeteners contributing to weight gain and possibly fat storage.  If you find these ingredients in your protein powder choice, keep looking. Imagine side effects including gastric distress, headaches and depression.  All from eating a protein powder filled with unnatural ingredients.

Milk powders and milk solids

Milk powders and solids are cheap bulking agents typically often found in lower quality protein powders.  Bulking agents are loaded with lactose sugars. It is very difficult for the digestive system to absorb such poor quality proteins.  These types of ingredients are substandard and have no room in your protein powder. Side effects involve bloating, gastric distress, loose stools, constipation and more.

Gums and thickeners

Manufactured soy, corn thickeners and gums, including Xanthan cause lots of bloating and gas.  These side effects may be temporary, they linger. Some users are uncomfortable for hours; some spend days waiting for the powder to make a complete exit from the body.  You are uncomfortable in your clothing and just don’t feel your best. A product designed to bring out the best in you is bringing out the worst. No value s gained using or ingesting dirty ingredients.  Performance suffers, weight loss efforts stalled or worst reverse.

When you stack up LENTEIN next to other ingredients there is no comparison.  Hands down it is a better product for you and your weight loss or sculpting goals.  The bonus with this amazing food product is how it helps the environment too. When you think of superfood proteins, add LENTEIN to the list.  This product has so much to offer the user, environment and the world. It is worth talking about and spreading the message that help has arrived.

LENTEIN is plant protein.  It has zero gluten, egg, dairy, lactose and soy.  The protein uses are endless. Put it in your smoothie, protein drink and healthy snacks.  Get creative with all the delicious possibilities. If you want to learn more about LENTEIN and where to buy, please visit us at our website LENTEIN.com