Formulate protein-rich, clean label products for your next innovation.

Sustainable Plant Protein

LENTEIN® water lentil plant-based solutions provide simplicity necessary for today's demanding customers seeking clean label and sustainable food

Clean, simple, sustainable nutrition from our incredible water lentil

Are you looking to win new customers? Are you looking for innovative new offerings for your current customers to encourage repeat business?

Stand out! Innovate with sustainable; US-sourced plant-based ingredients

As a co-manufacturer or bakery, working with new products that differentiate you from the crowd is always a challenge. Work with our team to see how LENTEIN® can help you realize critical successes in your product offering by taking advantage of our formulation and regulatory expertise specific to water lentils.

Our team can help you produce new products that delight your requirements and your buyers.

Formulate with water lentils to create on-trend, future foods today, supporting your brand in a competitive environment

LENTEIN plant protein is free from food allergens, Non GMO, sustainable and highly nutritious

Enhances nutritional value

LENTEIN contains bioactive Vitamin B12 naturally inside the plant, so there's no need to add it to your formulation

Enhances protein content

LENTEIN is a complete protein and comes in various protein densities to suit most applications

Free from allergens, lectins and non GMO

The water lentil is a Non GMO plant which is free from food allergens. It's not a pulse or bean but a leaf protein which means it's also free from lectins

Discover the perfect balance of plant-based and nutrition

LENTEIN® water lentil plant-based solutions for functionality and wholesome human nutrition.

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