Lentein® Complete

LENTEIN® Complete is a powder typically containing 45% crude protein, which is extracted from non-GMO plant species in the Lemnoideae family. LENTEIN ® Plus is a powder typically containing 65% protein and LENTEIN ® Isolate has a protein density above 80%

LENTEIN® Complete is rich in health-promoting dietary fiber, omega-3 fat, minerals, and bioactive compounds. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for optimal cardiovascular, brain, and eye function while the minerals provided are essential for proper health, growth, and development. One serving of LENTEIN® Complete provides 38/55% of male/female RDA of Omega 3.

LENTEIN® Complete is a good source of dietary fiber. It offers insoluble fiber which promotes weight loss, regular bowel movement, and prevents constipation. It also offers soluble fiber which promotes gut health, diabetes protection, and reduces blood cholesterol levels.

Physical Evaluation

Fine powder, leafy green color

Sweet mild plant flavor, leafy organic odor



Typical Composition (Dry Basis)





Parabel has developed a proprietary growth system that allows the plant its ultimate conditions to thrive so that harvest takes place every day, all year round. For industries looking to secure their supply and cost this is a very welcome aspect. This also adds to the plant’s hero status since the yield per hectare of protein is so high compared to conventional crops – even GMO versions.

Parabel’s technology permits extraction of various protein concentrations and includes a minimal processing method that retains the product’s functional attributes and nutrients in the protein. It is a Whole Protein in that it delivers more benefits than just the protein. In fact it can be labeled high in anti-oxidants, minerals, and vitamins.

LENTEIN® has an Amino Acid score (AAS) that is comparable to whey and higher than other plant proteins.

AAS Benchmark Higher value than other plant protein sources.









*AAS: mg of limiting AA in 1g of test protein/mg of same AA in 1 g of reference protein

Lentein® Complete compared to other protein sources

PDCAAS LENTEIN® is a highly valuable protein with a PDCAAS of .93 which is very high compared to plant protein concentrates and isolates.




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