How Sustainable Is Soy?  

We all hear of sustainable food and possibly even sustainable living. Some people consider soy to be the most sustainable food source. But, do we actually know what the word sustainable means in relation to our food?

Introduction to the Definition of Sustainable

A few words that relate to sustainable are sensible, well-grounded, acceptable, and exceptionable. This means that sustainable foods help increase the quality of living for animals, the food source, ourselves, and farmers everywhere. Sustainable foods support communities. However, in today’s modern age, can farmers raise animals, plant crops, and harvest them all while protecting the environment? As a society, we can find ways to raise sustainable food sources to sustain ourselves and the environment for many more years to come.

Sustainable food sources mean not relying on processed and packaged foods. It also means farmers keep their lands healthy and the soil rich. While some people accept and work towards quality sustainable food sources, others simply do not care. These people may not accept sustainability changes because of their love for heavily processed foods.

Looking for Nutrients in Sustainable Foods

Nutrients and macronutrients are lost in today’s modern age of crops, dairy products, and animals raised for the market. By the time your food gets to the kitchen table, most of the nutrients left are destroyed by the way we cook and wrongly prepare the foods we eat.

People who fully recognize this problem are looking for alternative food choices to get the full advantage of the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals lost in foods today. Granted, our foods today may not kill us right away, but it will in time contribute to health issues and shorter life spans. Many are turning to soy as a “safer” food option. The question remains is soy sustainable?

Is Soy Considered a Sustainable Food Source?

Soy crops are rising in demand in recent years because it is thought to be sustainable and a food source that is high in protein content. Soy is in such demand it is causing an impact on our environment. One such problem is that soy crops in the Amazon region of Argentina and Brazil are responsible for deforestation. For farmers to meet the continuously rising demand for soy production, more forests are erased from the planet. Forests are vital to the environment and for oxygen.

There is a great possibility to meet the soy demands, because of this, there comes a new demand for GMO concepts. Thus, most of the soy crops grown in the United States are GMO crops. Research says that there is only three percent or less of the soy production in the world considered certified sustainable.

Aquafarms Slowly Answering a Need for High-Quality Protein

People who know the importance of sustainable food sources know that there is a better way to harvest crops. So some manufacturers, like LENTEIN, are turning to aquafarms in Florida. These crops of water lentils grow in the purest of water, with no soil. Water lentils contain the highest protein content of any other food on the market. The water lentils are harvested every day and the water is continuously recycled, making it a safe, clean, and sustainable alternative to the way we farm today.

The harvested lentils go through a mire twenty-minute processing method to turn into a protein powder form. However, none of the protein content, vitamins, and minerals are lost. Vegans and non-vegans alike love this vegan protein. People are saying they feel better and have much more energy when they take LENTEIN protein supplements. LENTEIN, the most sustainable protein powder in today’s market, is organically and naturally grown. This green protein powder is a soy-free protein powder grown with no pesticides, no synthetic fertilizers, no dyes, no additives preservatives, no antibiotics, no growth hormones, and no GMOs.

Try The World’s Most Sustainable Plant Protein

Those who are interested in supplementing their diets and making an impact on our environment needs to try this high-quality sustainable protein alternative, try LENTEIN, an affordable and highly sought after product. LENTEIN is a completely plant-based protein alternative that is improving peoples’ lives every day. LENTEIN is putting back in human bodies powerful antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients that are so lacking in today’s food sources. LENTEIN continues to be an incredible addition to the natural and alternative food chain. This brand proves to be one of the very best protein powders on the market today that is a soy-free protein powder, gluten-free, no GMOs, and lactose-free.

Access our website for more in-depth information and find out how Aquafarms is impacting the world’s food supply than send for your first order of LENTEIN and find out what all the hype is about people feeling better with improved energy.

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