Comfort and Joy

Keeping fit and healthy during the holiday season has never felt more urgent as this year!
Looking into 2021 – for the plant-based consumer and for us all – product development needs to satisfy customers need for healthy products that gives us comfort and confidence.

LENTEIN plant protein is a complete protein with a PDCAAS of 1.0

The humble water lentil has the capacity of providing high quality plant protein and fiber with low starch and calorie content. Another benefit of the water lentil is that, similarly to coconuts, it contains a lot of electrolytes within the plant.
LENTEIN is the ingredient made from minimally processed and Non-GMO water lentils which can be formulated into your beverages, bars and snacks to add nutrition for a clean label full of important nutrients.

Electrolytes and Vitamin B12

Electrolytes are very important to help our bodies absorb fluids. If your body is dehydrated you can feel fatigue, headache and nausea which is why many pick up a sports drink to recover lost minerals after exercising. The water lentil electrolytes contain substantial amounts of minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron. Another benefit from the water lentil is that it naturally contains Vitamin B12, which is also important for energy.

Consumers are looking for Clean Label, Healthy, and Sustainable ingredients. Let us help you with your nutrient -rich, clean label products for your next innovation. Please contact us for a sample of our LENTEIN protein!

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