Clean Machine™ Launches Clean Green Protein With Superfood Lentein

POMPANO BEACH, Fla., Aug. 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Move over kale and cauliflower and blueberries and turmeric! There’s a new superfood on the block called Lentein™, a brand of protein rich water lentils boasting a nutritional profile rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, polyphenols, omega 3’s and higher in nutrient density than kale, spinach, spirulina and chlorella. Praised recently in Nutrition Business Journal as “the Next Kale,” this innovative newcomer is poised to disrupt the Natural Products Industry following an announcement by Clean Machine, a leader in plant-based nutrition, to exclusively market a superfood protein powder with Lentein™. According to Clean Machine® CEO Geoff Palmer, the newly launched superfood supplement CLEAN GREEN PROTEIN is creating excitement among consumers and retailers alike.

“It’s truly a game changer,” said Palmer, a longtime vegan and natural bodybuilding champion who formulated CLEAN GREEN PROTEIN after recognizing its multi-faceted potential. “Naturally we’ve heard from many athletes and fitness enthusiasts who are pumped because our supplement contains 45-50% high-quality protein and more essential and branched chain amino acids than any other plant. But its magnitude is far-reaching because the World Health Organization has recognized Lentein™ as ‘the world’s most complete food source’ and ‘the solution to world hunger.'”

If global expectations seem lofty, the predictions are based on the water lentils’ ability to reproduce in 24 hours with a near zero carbon footprint during production. Sourced entirely on certified neutral aqua farms in the U.S. and supplied by Parabel USA, Lentein™ is a whole food that is minimally processed and yields health-promoting dietary fiber, omega-3 fat, minerals, calcium and magnesium. Combined with Palmer’s proprietary pea protein blend sourced from PurisPea in the U.S. and ProHydrolase® to break down peptides, reduce gas and bloating, and allow the body to absorb more protein, CLEAN GREEN PROTEIN is taking shakes and smoothies to the next level.

“It’s very common for people to have trouble digesting some protein powders and there are others who simply want to know the best way to absorb more protein,” noted Palmer. “CLEAN GREEN PROTEIN is the solution because Lentein™ is not an isolated protein. Lentein™ offers the entire plant with healthy dietary fiber and 40% DV of Omega 3 while the PurisPea™ protein helps prevent water retention with sodium content that is lower than many other options.”

Launching in the U.S. and Puerto Rico on August 18, CLEAN GREEN PROTEIN is available online at, Amazon, and select health food stores such as Vitamin Discount Center. A 1.6-pound tub with 20 servings and a Vanilla Chai flavor has an MSRP of $59.99 and is third-party certified vegan, non-GMO, dairy free, and gluten free. Lauded as “ground breaking” by Plant Based News, the supplement offers a superior source of protein, greens, and Omega 3 fatty acids in one product. CLEAN GREEN PROTEIN also has an amino acid score (AAS) comparable to whey, yet higher than soy, rice, pea, hemp and other plant proteins.

Founded by Palmer in 2013, Clean Machine claimed industry prominence with plant-based sports nutrition products such as Clean BCAA, Cell Block 80, and Ahiflower Oil, which nabbed a NEXTY Award in 2016 for Best New Ingredient. Palmer said adding CLEAN GREEN PROTEIN to the mix was welcomed by loyal customers who have been clamoring for a high-quality protein powder for years.

“We’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg regarding what CLEAN GREEN PROTEIN with Lentein™ can do,” Palmer said. “There are numerous overall health benefits offering something for everyone, ranging from assisting with muscle building to weight loss, joint inflammation, eye health, and much more.”

Founded by Geoff Palmer, Clean Machine is at the forefront of plant-based research and product development with an emphasis on sports nutrition and anti-aging products. An avid vegan and natural bodybuilding champion, Palmer was recently #40 on a list of “Top 100 Vegans” by Plant Based News. For more information, visit

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