Boost Your Skin with These Vitamins

As your largest organ, the skin needs special attention. You take care of other organs such as your heart through cardiovascular exercise and your digestive system by eating healthy foods that do not cause discomfort, so the same care and attention can be given to your skin. Healthy skin begins with proper hydration, but you can also enhance the look, feel and health of your skin by eating a diet rich in vitamins such as vitamin A, E and a variety of B vitamins. LENTEIN® complete protein powder provides a natural way to consume essential skin vitamins and combines them with minerals such as Zinc to help with proper absorption.

Healthy Skin Vitamins

Vitamin A

LENTEIN® delivers vitamin A as ß-Carotene. Your body converts ß-Carotene into vitamin A and the unique way in which the body does this is by only converting what it needs. Vitamin A is essential for skin repair and maintenance. If you injure your skin, vitamin A promotes fast repair of the skin on the surface and in the cells beneath to help prevent scarring or a lasting open wound. Vitamin A also provides protection against wrinkling skin or signs of aging that may include a pale complexion and age spots.


Brown, age spots can be the result of free-radicals breaking down the skin and vitamin A helps to bind them and remove them from your body. Your skin can glow with a healthy color and decreased wrinkles when you consume regular sources of vitamin A such as LENTEIN®, which also includes Zinc, necessary for the conversion of ß-Carotene and the transportation of vitamin A to your skin cells.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an oil-soluble vitamin that also protects your skin from free-radical damage. What is interesting about vitamin E, according to Oregon State University, is that your skin’s storage levels of vitamin E decrease as you age, which makes it more important to eat foods such as LENTEIN® which contain vitamin E. Excess sun exposure also lessens vitamin E in the skin, so if you enjoy outdoor activities, use sunscreen to protect the skin, but consider increasing your intake of vitamins to offset the UV damage. Vitamin E also has anti-inflammatory benefits for the skin which can help ease conditions such as acne.

Vitamin B2

More commonly known as Riboflavin, vitamin B2 helps to improve the look and feel of your skin. By enhancing collagen levels, vitamin B2 helps your skin to maintain its firmness and may prevent early wrinkles. This vitamin also eases dry skin complaints and speeds up energy production so that skin cells repair faster and with less damage. A deficiency in Riboflavin may show itself as skin inflammation or itchy, dry skin, so it is recommended that Riboflavin be a consistent part of your diet. Plus, you do not have to worry about a build-up of any excess vitamin B2 as it is water soluble and your body will excrete what it does not use.

Vitamin B3

Also known as Niacin, vitamin B3 is found in LENTEIN® and helps to slow down the aging process by speeding up cell turn-over. As the body ages, cell turnover slows, which contributes to sagging and wrinkling skin. Vitamin B3 restores elasticity and improves cell function to enhance your skin’s health.

Vitamin B6

LENTEIN® also contains vitamin B6 which supports your healthy skin by supporting cell replication. This is effective if you are suffering from skin ailments such as dandruff, acne, dry skin or psoriasis. Even if your skin is itchy or scaly, vitamin B6 enhances red blood cell production which can help to heal your condition. When B6 is combined with the natural protein in LENTEIN®, it is used as a building block in protein metabolism, which is also effective for skin repair and skin health.

Protect your skin the way you do the rest of your body. You are already making conscious food choices when you opt for natural protein sources such as LENTEIN®, so you will begin to notice how the vitamins in our complete protein source add to your skin’s health. If you are not already adding LENTEIN® to your meal plan, start today for skin-healing benefits.


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