Being Thankful for Natural Resources: The Key to Fighting Environmental Depletion

The environment and its resources used to be taken for granted, mostly because resources seemed never-ending. Fortunately, people realized that this was the wrong attitude once pollution and depletion became problems. Over the course of many decades, most of the worst of the pollution has been cleaned up. Many cities have far less visible smog than they used to, and regulations prevent the dumping of things like phosphorus into our rivers.

While anti-pollution initiatives have often seen great success, resulting in cleaner air, water, and soil, depletion still remains a big problem. Local fisheries, water supplies, soil fertility, and other such things are commonly affected. Still, many people don’t realize just how severe these problems are because they tend to be local. A drought in California, for example, doesn’t make it hard to find water in states across the country. Soil depletion is much more widespread, but even this is hard for the average person to spot. Only the farmers, who have to come up with more and more fertilizer in order to grow their crops, are dealing with it in a hands-on way.

How Can Resource Depletion be Combated?

Effective solutions for resource depletion start at the root cause: a failure to properly appreciate the resource. Often, those most responsible for the problem see the resource as essentially infinite. This can lead to high levels of waste as well as to rampant demand. Consumer demand is the driving force behind problems like fishery collapse and soil-depleting intensive farming. While it may seem like the need for food is immutable, the fact is that much food actually goes to waste. The willingness to waste food is a direct result of the idea that “there’s always more where that came from.”

Because of this, one of the best ways to combat resource depletion is to appreciate the finite nature of our water and soil. Then, it will become natural to be thankful for our resources and avoid practices that result in waste or inefficiency in their use. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean that you need to end up feeling deprived. Instead, it just requires some sensible updates to product and lifestyle choices.

Producing Food in Sustainable Ways

One of the best ways to reduce resource depletion is to choose foods that are made in sustainable ways. LENTEIN is one such food. It saves far more resources than traditional organic farming. Organic farming is an improvement over the intensive kind, yes, but it still uses up plenty of water and fertilizer. LENTEIN, on the other hand, doesn’t stop with merely being organic. It is made using methods that greatly reduce the use of resources.

The key to LENTEIN’s tiny environmental footprint lies in how its ingredient – water lentils – are grown. They are produced via aquafarming, which is a method that reuses 98 percent of the water involved. Aquafarming also uses far less fertilizer than soil farming. This is possible because in an aquafarm, there is no soil for the water and fertilizer to soak away into. The resources also can’t run off, so they don’t have to be replenished nearly as often. Because of this, large quantities of plant material can be grown with only a fraction of the resources needed for traditional farming.

Once the water lentils for LENTEIN are harvested, the next step is to turn them into powder. This, too, is done in an environmentally-friendly way. Instead of using a resource-intensive chemical process, the company simply extracts the water from the water lentils and then grinds the rest into a powder that is of a uniform, easy-to-use consistency. The powder can then be used for smoothies or added to products like cereal, crackers, and snack mixes.

Water lentils are very nutrient-dense plants. Therefore, LENTEIN does not need added vitamins and minerals. It is a powerful dietary supplement all on its own.

It is natural for people who are thankful for available resources to want to avoid using them all up. Therefore, this attitude change is one of the most important parts of fighting depletion. Then, it’s natural to use products like LENTEIN. You’ll help fight resource depletion and get the nutrition boost you need at the same time.