All About The Water Lentil

LENTEIN is a nutritional supplement recognized by industry experts as the most sustainable and inclusive food source on earth. It is full of micronutrients including Omega 3 and antioxidants and contains up to 50 percent of exceptionally digestible crude protein. LENTEIN is sourced from water lentils, dried and processed into a green protein powder that can be ingested through mixing it with water, adding it to smoothies, or baking it into protein bars or other healthy snacks.

What Is A Water Lentil?

Water lentils look similar to legume lentils but are cultivated hydroponically (in water) rather than soil. Both types of lentils are rich in protein and other nutrients. Despite their similarities, water lentils and legume lentils do not seem to be species-related.

What Is A Legume Lentil?

Lentils are one of the oldest legumes in the world with origins traceable back to central Asia. Archeological digs in the Middle East found lentil seeds from 8000 years ago, indicating they were one of the first cultivated foods of prehistoric times. They are common ingredients in soups and stews and also popular as healthy side dishes.

Where Are Water Lentils Cultivated?

Water lentils thrive naturally around the world in the surfaces of gentle streams, marshes, ponds and other calm and relatively stable aquatic sources. Also known as bayroot or duckweed, they have an amazing growth rate, typically doubling in number in between 16 and 32 hours. LENTEIN is made from water lentils farmed in a massive aquarium under meticulously controlled provisions governed by the highest food-grade standards.

What Do Water Lentils Taste Like?

Farm-grown water lentils are cultivated in water enhanced with a variety of natural nutrients that gives them a distinctive flavor. When the farmed lentils are dried and ground into a powder, they have a sweet serene flavor comparable to spinach or watercress. Their aroma, when dried, is grassy and organic.